Adoption is a great act of giving love, and at Mother’s Choice, we have the privilege to help building families through adoption.

We are advocates and champions of adoption because it changes the destiny of a child — it gives a child an identity, a last name, a sense of belong, and a home.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and they should be defined by love and commitment, not only by blood. At Mother’s Choice, we believe every child deserves a permanent home, and we are committed to raise awareness and acceptance about adoption in the society of Hong Kong.



We fight for the right of every child and have a team of our own social workers and pro-bono lawyers to advocate for every baby and child so they can join a permanent family as soon as possible.


For the past 30 years, National Adoption Month has been celebrated throughout the United States in November to raise national awareness about adoption, celebrate children and families, and call the nation to action to find families for children from foster care. In Hong Kong, starting this November 2013, we are proud to launch an Adoption Awareness Month campaign to raise awareness that adoption builds families and that every child deserves a loving, permanent and stable family to call their own.


We provide follow-up support on adoptive family enrichment (support groups and classes) for local adoptive families.

  • Monthly Support Groups
  • Adoptive Family Fun Days
  • Child Care Home Reunion

When we first started out, we did some research and realized not only did those poor girls really had no where to go, but adoption was not well accepted in Hong Kong, and therefore many babies didn’t even get the chance for a forever family.

Phyllis Marwah, Co-Founder of Mother’s Choice


babies adopted locally since 1987, 50% of all adoptions that take place in Hong Kong come from Mother’s Choice.


special needs children adapted around the world since 1987.

To all the wonderful staff, volunteers, helpers and carers who have looked after Mia (Catrine) for her first 17 months of life: you are all so special to Christine and I!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such amazing care of our little girl!  She is a happy, beautiful, smart and loving child and this is because of the love and care you have all given her.  Mia is such a beautiful gift to us and is the answer to our prayers.  We could not have asked for a more precious little girl than what we have in Mia.  We will always be thankful to Mother’s Choice for everything you have done for Mia and all the other children under your care.  We thank God for you all, and will tell Mia about your kindness, love and support for her!

Andrew & Christine Gardener, Mia went to her Forever Family in 2012