The “How to engage youth to talk about sexual health?” online workshop under the Changing Life Stories Series has been successfully completed yesterday. We truly thank everyone for your active participation and the questions raised. 

There are approximately 5400 cases of teenage crisis pregnancy in Hong Kong per year. We believe that every teenager should be loved and supported, under any circumstances. Similarly, we firmly hold that teenage crisis pregnancy can only be reduced with the help of comprehensive sexual education. 

Studies show that one of the important reasons behind teenagers delaying their first sexual behaviour is the discussion about sex with trusted adults. Hence, it is important for us, as youth workers and medical staff, to be equipped well with basic sexual education skills. In this workshop, three experienced frontline sexual education workers, Kevin Lau, Carey Choi and Kitty Choi, are invited to talk about their experiences in carrying out sexual education in the community, schools and online. They also share some dos and don’ts, as well as common myths about their intervention strategies, facilitating participants in equipping themselves and improving sexual health. 

We are delighted to learn and communicate with more than 250 related professionals on Zoom. Look forward to seeing you in the next workshop! 

Should there be any inquiries, please send an email to or call 3915 5722 to contact the Community Services team. 

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