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Adoption From the Inside Out

Adoption is a life-long journey. It requires ongoing, honest self-reflection and self-evaluation all throughout, from preparation to long after your child comes home.


Seeing the Bigger Picture in Adoption

The complex and bittersweet journey of adoption for birth families, adoptees and adoptive families


Surviving Infertility

It’s important for families to consider their infertility journey and recognize their need to grieve


Did Your Family Include a Reluctant Spouse and Extended Family Members?

Recognize that in there will be moments extended families and spouses can be at a different place in their readiness for adoption


Should We Keep or Change our Child’s Name?

Adoptees and adoptive families share some of their thoughts


Preparing Your Child at Home


Preparing Your Child for a Sibling

Tips on what to be aware of as you include and reassure your child already in the home for a new sibling 


Preparing Siblings for an Older Child Adoption

Tips to involve the whole family in the adoption process and the feelings that come with that


When the New Brother or Sister is Not a Baby

Tips and “Family Talk” prompts to begin talking and preparing your child for a new sibling


How Did You Prepare Your First Child for a Sibling?

Adoptive families share how they prepared their children across different age ranges for a sibling


Second Adoption


Making the Decision to Grow Your Family through Adoption

Some unique factors to consider and questions to reflect on when you decide to adopt the second time