Below is a list of regularly updated current needs at Mother’s Choice. If there is an item you would like to donate or purchase, please complete the form below, and our team will contact you within a week.

Our Current Needs (Last updated on 21 August 2019)

Unless listed below, we are unfortunately unable to receive any other items at this time, due to space restraints and capacity issues. Due to limited resources at Mother’s Choice, we request that:

  • Only gifts from the list that have been approved by our team be delivered to us;
  • All donated items must be clean, dry, and in good condition, and that all parts are included if there are multiple attachments;
  • Perishable items must be at least 6 months away from the expiry date;
  • Deliveries should be made to the designated Mother’s Choice address, as specified by our team.
Baby Formula
Quantity: 10 cans per month/per brand

- Abbott – Similac Isomil
- Nutricia - Aptamil (Allecure Pepti Syneo)
- Nestle – Alfare

We are seeking alternative baby formula for children who are allergic to normal formula milk under our doctor's recommendation.

Baby Food

- HEINZ Parsnip, Carrot & Sweet Potato 110g (x20)
- HEINZ Fruity Pear (pureed) 110g (x20)
- HEINZ Fruity Apple 110g (x20)
- HEINZ Baby Teething Rusk 110g (x15)

Thank You to Jane Chan, Clara Lee and Anthony Chan for each of their generous donations.

Blended fruit and vegetable is added when formula is not sufficient for the child's appetite.

Baby Juices

- GERBER 100% Apple Juice - Family Size 32oz (x10)
- GERBER Apple Juice 4oz (x20)
- Del Monte Prune Juice 32oz (x3)

Thank You to Clara Lee and Anthony Chan, Cindy Tan for each of their generous donations.

- Help to increase vitamin C intake
- Use as constipation remedy

Batteries (Large Quantity)

AA - 30 pcs per month
AAA - 30 pcs per month
C - 10 pcs per month
D - 10 pcs per month

Thank You to Ms Cindy Tan for her generous donation.

Help us to upkeep usage of many education toys and games so our children are always learning and being stimulated.

Baby massage oil
Quantity: 5

- Cetaphil 200mL or Mustela 100mL

Thank You to Chariam Cheung, Kitty Wu and Cindy Tan for each of their generous donations.

Baby massage is helpful to improve their sensory integration.

Baby Cereal

- Gerber Rice Cereal Single Grain 8oz Plain (x10)
- QUAKER Instant Oatmeal Foil 800g (x5)
- KELLOGG'S Classic Corn Flakes 525g (x5)

Thank You to Ms Cindy Tan for her generous donation.

Baby cereal has iron and other nutrients which babies need for growth and development.

Baby bottles - Pigeon 240mL
Quantity: 60

- Must be brand new
- Prefer Pigeon 240mL as they can fit any brand of teats
- Only standard caliber-plastic (PPSU material) is accepted

Thank you for the generous donation, in celebration of Aiden Cheung's 3rd birthday.

We need baby milk bottles for our little ones at our Child Care Home.

Pacifiers 0-6M (x12) 6-18M (x12)

- Must be brand new
- Tommee Tipper air style or Night time Soothers
- Only accept BPA-free

Thank You to Ms Cindy Tan and 明鏡精舍 for each of their generous donations.

Help us keep our babies comforted.

Children toothpaste
Quantity: 4

- Fluoride-free, sugar-free
- Prefer Orajel -Training toothpaste , or Colgate (ages 0-2)
- Need 4 pcs per month

Thank You to Ms Jane Chan for her generous donation.

Help to keep up good dental hygiene for our young children.

Quantity: 12

- Clorox 2.8 Litre

Help us to keep the playground of our Child Care Home and outdoor area of girls' hostel clean and sanitized.

Baby Bottle Cleanser
Quantity: 10

- Pigeon 800ml

Thank You to Ms Cindy Tan for her generous donation.

Help us keep our baby bottles anti-bacteria and remove stains effectively.

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid for Household
Quantity: 12

- 1.2 Litre

We need to constantly disinfect our Child Care Home and girls’ hostel for hygienic purposes and to protect our babies and pregnant girls from diseases caused by bacteria.

Baby Liquid Detergent 1-2 Litre
Quantity: 24

- Vigor
- Need 50 Litre per month

Thank you to ERES for the generous donation to keep our children's clothes clean!

Anti-bacteria and remove tough stain to keep our babies clean and safe.

Cake and Bakery Coupons

- Example: Maxim’s Cake, Arome Bakery, St Honor Cake Shop

Thank You to Mary Li and Belinda Shek for each of their generous donations.

Help to celebrate our monthly Birthday parties and Farewell celebrations at Child Care Home and girls’ hostel.

Soup Voucher – Chinese Style soup
Quantity: 30

- Example: Hung Fook Tong soup voucher

Thank you to Ms Amy Chui for her generous donation.

Provide nourishing soup to help the teen moms to balance and boost energy level and regain strength after giving birth

Quantity: 2

- Must be brand new
- Prefer Canon PowerShot SX740HS

At our Child Care Home, we capture all special moments and accomplishment of our children to be shared with their loved ones.

Sewing Machine
Quantity: 4

- Brand new
- Brother or Singer

The Pregnant Girls Services hostel regularly organizes needlework workshop for our girls. Recently the sewing machines, bought nearly 10 years ago, do not operate well and are often sent to repair.

Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
Quantity: 1

Brand new or in good working condition

Help us to keep the pregnant girls service hostel and volunteer flat clean.

Tell us what you would like to donate!

Corporate Partners

A huge thank you to generous corporate partners such as Proctor & Gamble and Wyeth who provide in-kind gifts of diapers and milk powder for our children. Learn more about how you can involve your company here.