We appreciate every gift we receive, and we take care to spend it where it is most needed. Here’s how your donation gives hope and changes the life stories of children, youth, and families in Hong Kong.

2019-2020 Total Expenditure: HK$61,730,927*

In 2019-2020, for every HK$100 donated to Mother’s Choice, we spent:

Pregnant Girls Services
Youth Program
Foster Care Services
Project Bridge
Wee Care – for special needs children
Baby Care
Adoption Services
Community Education
Fundraising & Marketing Communication
Volunteer Engagement

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2019-2020 Total Income: HK$64,897,336*

How do we raise the money we need?
Each year, 26% of our income comes from the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong Government, and the remaining 74% is raised from public donations from people like you!

Private Funding74%
Government Funding26%

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Financial Transparency

Our Mother’s Choice budget, financial policy and procedures are overseen by our Board of Directors and Finance and Investment Committees. Our financial controls ensure that every dollar is spent appropriately.

We commit to keeping three months operational expenditure in our current account, and a total reserve of 150% of our non-subvention annual expenses in cash and liquid instruments to ensure that in times of economic unpredictability and in extreme emergencies, we can always continue to provide care to the most vulnerable.

*All financials on this page are taken from Mother’s Choice Limited’s 2019-2020 audited accounts. All currencies are in HKD.

Please view our most recent three years of Audited Financial Statements or email info@motherschoice.org for more information.

Audited Financial Statements

For more information about Mother’s Choice, including our Impact Reports, please click here.

Mother’s Choice publishes three types of financial statements, including 1. Audited Financial Statements, audited annually by KPMG, 2. Annual Financial Report (AFR), prepared in accordance with requirements issued by the Social Welfare Department, and 3. Impact Report, including financial highlights extracted from estimates based on the most recent year’s unaudited management accounts, and Audited Financial Statements from the previous two years.

How You Can Support

Give Regularly

Ensure that every child can be in a loving family by committing to support Mother’s Choice regularly. Donate now!

Be a Fundraising Champion

Donate your birthday, run a marathon, or bake a cake in support of Mother’s Choice. Be a voice for children in Hong Kong, and raise funds at the same time! Learn more here.

Involve Your Company

We partner with companies who are passionate about building stronger families in our community. Learn more here.