We hold events throughout the year to raise awareness for children, youth, and families in crisis. We believe it takes a village to raise a child, and we would love to see you at a Mother’s Choice event!



Each year we hold our Families Walking For Families: Mother’s Choice Walkathon to raise funds to run our services and raise awareness to build stronger families for children in our community.

Flag Day


For Flag Day, we want to be on every street and in every neighborhood across Hong Kong to inspire our community to be a voice for children without families.

Adoption Awareness Month


Each November, we celebrate World Adoption Day, host events, and publish materials to support adoptive families in our community.

Child Protection Conference


In 2017 Child Protection Conference: Dialogue on Pathways to Family to build the capacity of our professional bodies and individuals as they support children to grow up in safe, loving, and permanent families, and to challenge the high numbers of children growing up in institutional care. Learn more…

Welcome Back


“Welcome Back” is designed for families with children previously lived at Child Care Home of Mother’s Choice to revisit where their child lived and where the adoptive parents first met their child. Families will have the chance to meet former caregivers and other families. Learn more…