This World Will Be Better

VOLUNTEER SHARING BY DR. EDDIE CHEUNG, VOLUNTEER, PAEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGIST   I am Eddie, I am a paediatrician.  I’ve been trained as a paediatric cardiologist.  I help Mother’s Choice to take care of the children.  Mother’s Choice is not only takin … Continued

Volunteering Gives Me Strength

VOLUNTEER SHARING BY RAY CHEUNG, VOLUNTEER, CHILD CARE HOME   (1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Hello Eunice. My name is Ray. Usually, they call me big brother Ray. I am a full-time programmer, work from nine to six, from Monday to Friday. I have served Mot … Continued

It Is Just So Rewarding!

VOLUNTEER SHARING BY ERIN SIPPEL, VOLUNTEER, CHILD CARE HOME   (1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Erin and I am a volunteer in the Small Baby Room at Mother’s Choice. I started volunteering at Mother’s Choice in 1999 when I first moved … Continued

I Was So Touched And Inspired!

VOLUNTEER SHARING BY AMY FUNG, CAREER COACH, MOTHER’S CHOICE AND ICF COACHING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM   (1) So what inspired you to join the Mother’s Choice and International Coaching Federation (“ICF”) career coaching project? As I mentioned, as a life and execu … Continued

You Make a Difference! Thank YOU!

CELEBRATE VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION MONTH 2021 – VOLUNTEER SHARING I’m Cass Phang. I’ve been serving at Mother’s Choice Child Care Home for eight years, currently in the small baby room team. On behalf of Mother’s Choice, I would like to express our thanks and gratit … Continued


Revamping Two New Volunteer Programs for Youth Services A new volunteer program supporting Pregnant Girls Services (“PGS”) Hostel  Programs was launched to help young girls facing crisis pregnancy build their  self-esteem through physical, recreational, educational and … Continued


In recent years, Mother’s Choice continued to invest in the quality of our services. The  major projects included the following.   Launching e-Case Management for Children’s Services Leveraging our investments in Salesforce software, a client  relationship manageme … Continued