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Attachment and understanding behavior:


The Journey of Attachment

Primary Tasks & Milestones for children at each age range in relation to attachment and bonding


Bonding with Baby at Each Developmental Stage

From birth to 22 months. Understand your baby’s behavior after bringing your child home.


Attachment Lens

Explores common behaviors and motivations with an attachment lens and provides ways to respond


Attachment informed parenting:


Parenting Techniques (Dan Hughes)

Ways to parent being mindful of trauma and attachment difficulties


How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Parenting

A brief introduction to the different attachment styles and how it affects our kids


Setting Appropriate Behavioral Expectations

How to do this as your toddler adjusts into your family with an awareness about attachment


Activities to Build Bonding:


Bonding and Attachment Basics for You and Your Child

Some tips on how to strengthen family bonds when your child first comes home


Building Attachment

A fun list of nurturing activities you can do with your child


Overcoming Obstacles to Bonding

Strategies to help promote attachment through the whole adoption process


Celebrating Sameness in Your Family

Ideas to help your pre-school age child at an age where they are figuring out and want to fit in to a group


Attachment-Centered Play Activities Toolkit

Some fun ideas of play activities that are attachment centered that you can do as a family


Not Love at First Sight

Even the love and bonding developed for birth children grows at different paces. That’s OK!