“Welcome Back” is designed for families with children previously lived at Child Care Home of Mother’s Choice. It provides families with time to revisit where their child lived and where the adoptive parents first met their child. Families will have the chance to meet former caregivers and other families to build a network on adoption journey. We create a safe environment to talk about adoption, so as to reaffirm all the children lived here were valued, treasured and cared for with love.


Aims and objectives

  1. Let adoptive parents and adopted children recognize and get connected with the children’s past and history.
  2. Facilitate adoptive parents to talk about adoption with their children in a healthy and constructive way.
  3. Reaffirm that the adopted children were being cared and nurtured with love.
  4. Provide a platform for adoptive families, who have a common root, to connect and network with each other.


Key messages

  1. You, the adoptees, had grown with love and well care in CCH;
  2. We, Mother’s Choice, are here to support your family along this adoption journey.


Uniqueness of “Welcome Back”

  1. There will be activities customized to the child’s age at the different time slots.
  2. Activities included group activities and booth games, hope families can talk about adoption in a relax way.
  3. Both Chinese and English adoptive families will join the event. Families can exchange experiences and learn from others.


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For registration and enquiry, please contact us by 2313 5620 (Ms. Elaine WONG / Ms. Kathy LEE) or email us at adoption@motherschoice.org.