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How Infants Grieve

“Can infants really experience grief? What are the signs that they are, indeed, grieving?”


4 Losses Your Child Experiences After Adoption

Even without experience of abuse or neglect, there exist feelings of loss that are valid & need to be heard


5 Ways to Help Your Child Process Adoption Loss

We also must recognize what has been lost in adoption, and help our child process the confusion & grief


How Can I Help My Adopted Child Cope with Loss and Trauma?

Helping our adopted children cope with loss and trauma is an essential part of adoption


Understanding Ambiguous Loss

Ambiguous loss: the confusion or uncertainty about the loss of a relationship. Ways to walk through this journey with your child particularly in adolescence


Children’s Understanding of Adoption

This journal article includes sharing from adoptees and provides guidance on how to process the adoption journey with your child, taking into account the child’s developmental stages 


Do we need a Therapist?

A guide on deciding if your family needs a therapist and considerations in looking for one who is adoption informed


Dear Infertility Patient

Recognizing the hard journey of infertility and the grief and loss you experience