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Why Positive Parenting


Setting and keeping limits is not about control but an opportunity to create an exchange that leads to a safe expression of all feelings plus understanding, trust and learning


Instead of punishing, aim to guide.  Strive to take the time to show your child a better way


Tantrum and Anger Management Using A Calming Kit

Help your child manage tantrums, anger and frustration and learn self-regulation skills with a calming kit


Just Say “Yes” to Positive Parenting

How often is our automatic response to our child “No!”


Help Siblings Get Along With These Five Positive Parenting Tools

When tensions are high and siblings are fighting, here are five ways to respond


5 Ways Working on Ourselves Can Benefit Our Kids

Why it is crucial for us to understand ourselves and take care of ourselves


Understanding Behavior


Reasons Why Some Children Lie

How to respond and understand what the child needs, particularly children from hard backgrounds


When Your Toddler Hits You

Some perspectives on why kids may be hitting and how you can respond


Decoding Challenging Behavior

A helpful list of questions to consider when trying to understand the challenging behaviors you may see


Understanding the Toddler Brain


How to Be a Toddler Whisperer

Understanding the toddler brain & some practical tips for the moments your toddler is driving you crazy


How to teach your kids about their brain

A fun way and visual for your child to understand their brain


教孩子了解大腦,你可以這樣做!(Whole Brain)