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Talking to Others



Announcing Your Decision to Adopt

Family and friends form a valuable support network in the entire adoption journey. Here are some thoughts on what and how to share.  


As our children enter into this wider world, they will face questions from inquisitive classmates and school topics may trigger thoughts and emotions linked to adoption.

Preparing and Supporting our Kids

Is Your Child Ready for School

When Classmates Ask

Tackling Tricky Assignments

Empowering Kids to Handle Sticky Assignments

A Forest of Family Trees


Educating the School Community

What Your Child’s Teacher Needs to Know

A Guide for Teachers: Helping Classmates Understand Adoption

Helping Classmates (and their parents) Understand Adoption

Adoption at School- Creating an Adoption Friendly Environment

The Great Back-to-School Kit- Raising Adoption Awareness


Talking to Your Child


Talking to Your Three to Five Year Old about Adoption

Some practical tips and strategies and why talking about adoption is important for your child at this age


Talking to Your Six to Eight Year Old about Adoption

Creating a space where your child knows they can have open conversations with you about adoption is very important. Here are some ideas of affirming activities for you to do with your child.


Talking to Your Nine to Twelve Year Old about Adoption

Age where they are coming to terms with experiences of loss and need you to recognize and support


Your Earliest Adoption Conversations

Some ideas of how to begin this conversation and some prompts of what you can say


What Do Preteens Think About Adoption?

How to navigate this journey with your adopted teen and recognize their experience of loss and grief


Telling the Tough Stuff

How to share their adoption story in ways that are appropriate to your child’s age and abilities


Why children may not want to talk about adoption

Insight on some of the thoughts or feelings your child may be experiencing and ways to support them as they process their adoption journey


Why Adopted Children Need to Know Their Story

Honoring, embracing and connecting your child to their adoption story brings deep healing.