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6 Themes for the Adopted Adolescent

6 key questions, what may be at the root of their question and what they may need


Navigating the Teen Years: Maintaining Your Emotional Connection

My teen feels like I don’t understand her! How to build emotional connection in the way I listen & speak


Parenting an Older Child Through the Testing Phase

Find the reason behind these common behaviors and what parents can do to respond to their emotional age to affirm that your love for them is real and permanent


The Truth About Older Child Adoption

An adoptive mom shares the phases her family went through in the first 12 months of adoption


What I Wish I Had Known

“It’s closer to the adjustment you make when you marry…each person comes to the relationship with positive and negative life experiences” Some tips of what you can do as a family


What We Wish We Had Known

A mother and daughter share lessons they learned when adopting an older child


Creating a Photographic History for an Older Child

Physical photos in the home helps show & remind our child their lives matter & are part of the family


Relating to Relatives

Family is important, this includes extended family. Be intentional to help your child build relationships