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[Although these resources come from a largely American context, the feelings experienced and advice given are still relevant in any transracial adoption.

Even in the Asian context where your child may look like “the majority”, or live in a culturally diverse area, there still exists “privilege” based on race. So in transracial families, you and your child’s racial experiences will be different]


BE INTENTIONAL!!! Whether you are considering transracial adoption or whether you are journeying as a transracial family, this is a journey that requires you to take an active approach to well support and understand your child and THEIR lived experiences.

Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Parents Adopting Transracially

Empowering Children of Color Who Face Racism


“Look through your child’s eyes. Listen to your children’s painful confessions, you will understand that negative comments they have heard are not forgotten”

“Always assume that racially charged things are happening”

What I Learned as a Transracially Adoptive Parent

Responding to Invisible Racism


Important Conversations with Your Child

Talking About Race and Racism: An age-by-age Guide

5 Ways to Talk with Your Child About Racism


Adult Adoptees: Navigating Experiences and Identity as a Transracial Adoptee

5 Things I Wish My White Parents Knew

Embarrassing Racism: The Burden of Being Alone

Growing Up ‘White’, Transracial Adoptee Learned to be Black

Adoption, Racism, and Finding My Identity [Comic]