Exciting developments at Mother’s Choice!

Today we are excited to share that Mother’s Choice has a new look and an even clearer vision of the work that we want to accomplish in the city of Hong Kong!

For almost 30 years, Mother’s Choice has given hope to thousands of girls, babies and families who were in crisis. Despite the challenging situations that our clients face, we have seen so many life stories transformed as we’ve worked hard to build stronger families for children.

Our desire at Mother’s Choice is to not just be there at a point of crisis for young girls and children, we want to be a catalyst for real and lasting change in our community, intentionally passing on what we have learned, and inspiring others to do the same.

But the demand for our services continues to grow, and the issues we face are increasingly complex. In our own neighborhoods, thousands of teenage girls still face crisis pregnancy each year, and thousands of children live without families. There is no way that we can see real and lasting change in this area if Mother’s Choice works alone – it will take everyone across our community working together!

That’s why we’ve redefined our visual identity to reflect a picture of the future we wish to see, where every child is in a loving family. Girls and babies in our community need more than Mother’s Choice in order to thrive. Our new logo symbolizes the embrace of the family, and the care of the community that wraps around the most vulnerable in our city to give hope and change life stories.

There are thousands more vulnerable families in Hong Kong – mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents who desperately need the services of Mother’s Choice and the support of their community. It takes a village to raise a child, and Mother’s Choice needs you more than ever before.

Find out more about the next chapter of the Mother’s Choice story, here!

We’ll be updating our website and other key collaterals in the coming few months—we hope you find them more useful and a better reflection of our vision for the future and the work that we do.

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