We first met Kevin when he was a very sick little boy – in hospital after having brain surgery. At the time, we did not have the resources to care for him. When Kevin was two years old, he was still living in the hospital. We knew that Mother’s Choice was the home that we needed, and we welcomed him to Wee Care, our home for children with special needs.

Despite his scary diagnosis and notes from the doctor that he was severely disabled, Kevin grew and flourished before our eyes. He was given so much love by staff and volunteers. He won all of our hearts with his amazing smile and his incredible courage. With every step, he reminded us that he was never going to give up hope of having a family of his own, and neither should we!

When Kevin was four years old, he was adopted by his forever family. He loves his Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters. Kevin’s name is now John, and he is a very loved and treasured son and brother.

Watch John Kevin’s full story, here:

Kevin embodies our message of hope. He inspires us, and its kids like him that remind us to keep advocating on their behalf so that every child can be in a loving family.

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