Our hearts break each time we receive a child without a family, meet a teenage girl in crisis, or respond to a struggling family. Across our city, there are so many who need our help, and at Mother’s Choice, we don’t want to turn anyone away.

Our Child Care Home is one of our programs where we care for children without families. As warm and loving as it may be, it can never replace a loving family. That’s why we invest so much into each child, because everything we do is proven to help each child learn to love, grow, reach their potential, and dramatically increases their chances of joining a safe, loving, and permanent family.

When we welcome a child into our Child Care Home:

  • They are cuddled and comforted, as research shows the importance of early bonding and attachment to the health of a child. We’re able to provide such quality care because 80% of our team are committed volunteers who make our ratio of adults to children 1 to 3!
  • Our in-house medical and therapy team give them an immediate assessment and develop an individualized plan to help them overcome challenges and reach their fullest potential.
  • We make a commitment to give them a family. This journey can be long and challenging, but we’ll do whatever it takes – even bringing in pro bono legal support when barriers prevent a child from being in a family.
  • We give them a history. We document their time with us through photos and stories in a special, personalized Lifebook, for them to take home when they leave our care, so they’ll always know how loved and valued they are, and how their lives impacted ours.

There are still thousands of babies and children whose lives we have yet to impact, and a regular gift of HK$300 each month can change their life stories.

Give now to help us change life stories!


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