With support from many in the community, our founders opened up the doors to Mother’s Choice in 1987. Instead of rejecting or punishing pregnant teenagers, they were determined to welcome girls into a home where they felt valued and accepted, where they would be given care, safety, support, and hope for their future.

Our passion to welcome and love the many pregnant teenagers who had no one to turn to quickly grew, and we began to be a voice for all children without families. Today, we are more determined than ever to join hands with our community to give hope and change the life stories of children, youth, and families in crisis across our city.

It’s our 30th Birthday this year, and it’s a Mother’s Choice family tradition that on someone’s birthday we share all of the things we love about them! So we gathered some of our friends, girls, (grown up!) children, and families, to all wish Mother’s Choice a happy birthday!

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