What a great time we had last Saturday at our charity pre-screening!  Thank you to all who came out to spend your family day with us, enjoying “Instant Family” – the movie that makes you laugh and cry at the same time!


“You know this movie embodies what Mother’s Choice stands for in that, “every child deserves a loving family”.  And that family is not necessarily your blood, but love. You love your children as much as anybody loves their children” as shared by Phyllis Marwah, co-founder of Mother’s Choice right before the movie.  Your love and support to the children and youth we serve at Mother’s Choice touch our heart.  It also resonates with what Phyllis shared – family is connected with love. You are part of our Mother’s Choice family indeed!


Missed it? Check out local theatres or the trailer for a preview:


(Photo by volunteer – Marc Cheung, video by volunteer – Dixon Lai)

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