The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers of Mother’s Choice are deeply saddened by the passing of Richard Gardener on Saturday, 23 March, 2019. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family at this time.

Richard’s journey with Mother’s Choice first began in 1994 when he left the corporate sector and moved with his family into the small volunteer quarters for three months, which turned into eight years of voluntary service. Richard returned in 2012 in a key leadership role and has kept our organization running smoothly as the backbone of Mother’s Choice. He has also imprinted our lives with his humility and quiet service to babies and children especially those with special needs as well as vulnerable girls in our community.

Richard was a truly special man, and never sought fame or recognition and “walked the talk” as the first to open his home as a Project Bridge foster parent. His faithful commitment and service to the most vulnerable in Hong Kong will continue to impact life stories for generations to come. This is Richard’s legacy.

We celebrate and thank God for the life of Richard – we will miss our friend.

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