Gary and our guide runners finished the second section of their running journey on April 3.

Team B kick-started their run on March 30. From Beijing all the way to Hebei Handan, it accounted for almost 256km already. Despite the chilled weather and poor air quality, Gary and his team ran with a strong determination and motivation, and kept pushing forward!

Along the China National Highway 106, it was dusty and full of sand particles. Yet surprisingly, flowers and trees were blooming and blossoming on the road sides! Spring has come with vivid signs of new life and energy alongside, as if they were cheering for Gary and his team. The team faced different challenges daily, say poor weather, unsatisfactory air quality, unexpected running route changes. They were amazingly tough as if life found its way just like nature’s wonders. They rose up to the challenges and they embraced HOPE! They ran for the vision “every child in a loving family” and they kept striving! Determined that we can do this together!

On day 9, Gary and the team arrived nearby Huang He (Yellow River) – the mother river of China, the origin of life. They all hopped onto a car and drove across the river to continue on the the other side.

Team C commenced the run on April 4, Children’s Day, with the route from Qi County to Taikang County. Let’s cheer for our HOPE Givers — Go Gary, go! Keep going on, our fellow guide runners! You sure are running for the future of the vulnerable children in Hong Kong! Thank you all so much!

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