On day 16, Gary and Team D had to start their section of run in some adverse weather condition! Rain came before daylight and continued through midday, Gary and guide runners could only manage to run 12km when the rain weakened in the afternoon, even so, they never give up HOPE! Luckily the rain stopped on day 17, they went back on running through slopes and narrow winding roads towards the direction of home, along the river of Luotian County to Xishui County in Hubei Province, they finished the daily target of 50km, and they felt motivated by the cheer and support from teachers and children of one of the local primary schools!

The dry air and unpredictable routes had made their journey more challenging on day 18. Gary and guide runners experienced a dry throat as a result. Yet we got a special guest that day – our volunteer driver Mr. Li supported the team and started to run with Gary! The team ran from Xishui County to Wuxue City, finishing 50km and beat the challenge. After overcoming few challenges the days before, the team could finally enjoyed running alongside Chang Jiang in a paved road on day 19. Guide runner Angus of Team D also shared this is his first time running in China and was so inspired by the positive attitude of Gary! (See video)

It was the 20th day of the run last Saturday, despite the challenging route conditions, Gary, Yan, Tony and Mr. Li still accomplished a 40km-run! A big shout out for members of Team D! Yesterday was the first day of Team E. May HOPE anchor! Together we cheer for Gary and Team E!

We call for everyone to share with your friends and family about Gary’s charity challenge and cheer for him and his guide runners!

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