Gary and Team F did not have the best run paths or best weather in this section of run (April 19 to 23) — they ran into rough paths, paths alongside highway which were dangerous, noisy and polluted, they next ran into rain, thunderstorm and fog. Despite the toughs and roughs in these days, Gary and Team F did not get let down. They arrived in Guangdong from Jiangxi in high spirits and met up with Team G of guide runners, with whom Gary will complete the last lap of his amazing 35-day challenge of the BJ-HK run. May the weather and running track conditions improve in their favour in this last section. We can’t wait to cheer for their homecoming! Go Gary and Team G!

In about 5 days, Gary and his guide runners will be returning to Hong Kong! If you wish to join Gary to in becoming a HOPE Giver to vulnerable children and youth of Hong Kong, you can join in through giving a donation, simply click on this link:

On Sunday, 28 April 2019, we will cheer Gary and his amazing guide runner team at various locations in Hong Kong, and held a Homecoming Closing Ceremony at Cyberport. If you would like to cheer for and celebrate Gary and his team, we invite you to join us on Sunday, 28 April to 2 events:-
1/ Cheering Squad — cheer for Gary and his team on route from Sheung Shui to Central (you may select one or multiple locations). To register, please click;
2/ Homecoming Closing Ceremony — join in to welcome our hometown heroes at Cyberport, a family-friendly event with fun booth games and entertaining performances. For more details, and registration required, please click

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