Happy holidays from all of us at Mother’s Choice!

We really love Christmas at Mother’s Choice!  And that’s because that first Christmas over 2,000 years ago reminds us there is so much hope even in the most hopeless looking situations, like a pregnant single teenager and a baby born without a home.

And that hope has become more important to us over this last year, in what has really been a challenging season for the city of Hong Kong, and a really difficult time for Mother’s Choice too.

But we hold on to that hope.  And part of what has helped encourage us in this time and just seeing how many of the children, young women and families that we have helped over the last three decades, come back and be part of our work, giving back to our community during a really challenging season.

You know this year we had so many of our children who we cared for when they were babies waiting for families, come back as adults to volunteer, including a few of them who came on as full time volunteers working at Mother’s Choice.  We had to start a whole program for the volunteers of girls, who used to be teenagers pregnant with nowhere else to go, who are now adults who want to come back and help care for other single pregnant teens in our city.  They are so awesome!  In fact, we hired one of them to be on our staff.

And we have also seen how the families that we’ve helped build through adoption.  Even over the past decade or two, grow and recognizing their strength and their capacity, volunteer to foster other babies and children who are willing for their forever families through our unique foster care program called Project Bridge.

All of that is so encouraging to us!  And it shows us that your support through all the years has really changed life stories in a way that lasts for generations.  And that’s why this Christmas, we are inviting you to become a Christmas angel at Mother’s Choice.  All of the donations that come to us in December will go towards supporting our Child Care Home, which is a loving, very special, temporary home for babies and children aged 0-6 years old, many of whom have mild to moderate special needs, and help us to care for them as they’re waiting for their families.  And that’s really what we’re all about, being a family.

And so I want to say thank you for being part of the Mother’s Choice family, and wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

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