As we say goodbye to the Year of the Pig, and welcome in the new Year of the Rat, we recognize that this last year was really difficult for many in the city of Hong Kong.  But we have also seen how important our work is serving the most vulnerable girls and babies in our city.   We still have a lot of hope for this coming new year, and part of the reason we have hope is because we have seen how family is the most powerful agent of change.

We want to say “thank you” as we welcome in this new year!  Because in being part of the Mother’s Choice family, and volunteering and supporting us, you have helped us find families for babies, and children and young people who never would have otherwise experience that safety and love.

Have a wonderful holiday with much joy and laughter, a meaningful and heart-warming time this Chinese New Year with family, friends and your loved ones!

Alia Eyres

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