Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world”. Each year in April, we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation month to applaud our amazing volunteers who give tirelessly of their time, talent, and resources to care for the vulnerable children and young girls that we care for. Despite a challenging year for our services and fundraising, we continue to have hope for our city as we have seen how powerful it is when our community, who come from all corners of HK, can come together to turn crisis into hope. Everyone has a role to play, and everyone can make a difference. We are so proud of our volunteers who are helping to change the life story of the children, young girls and family that we support – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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♥️ Jennifer Lo – fitness instructor for our young girls at the Pregnant Girls Services hostel

How I get to know Mother’s Choice…..
In 2017 I participated with my children in Mother’s Choice flag selling event, from which I got to know more about Mother’s Choice. I like children very much. Helping them is very meaningful so I have volunteered at Child Care Home for a year and a half. Last June, I was invited by the Volunteer Engagement team to teach girls physical exercise at the Pregnant Girls Services hostel.

My most impressive service experience at Mother’s Choice…..
The most joyful experience is to see our girls becoming more active in doing exercise and trust me more. They would tell me their worries and doubts about delivering babies, and I would share with them my experience as a mother, comfort them, and give them childcare information.

My hope for Mother’s Choice…..
I hope girls of different age groups and nationalities can receive Mother’s Choice services so that they get help, be empowered to make critical decisions when they feel helpless. I very much appreciate the expansion of services over the years, from serving girls to children, from adoption services to Project Bridge foster care service, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education. These services comprehensively take care of mothers’ needs.

♥️Marc Cheung – volunteer photographer

How I get to know Mother’s Choice?
When I was a teenager, a missionary shared with me her experiences of volunteering at Mother’s Choice. That was the first time I heard about this organization. The idea that “You have choices in life” is very touching to me. It is because I believe the decisions of people who seek help impact their whole life, so they should not be forced to make decisions. Before we were married, my wife was accepted as a volunteer at Child Care Home after a long waiting time. She traveled a long way for night shifts after work every week. Her excitement and persistence were very impressive to me! After she gave birth to my daughter, she did not have time to continue the service. Last year on Facebook, I knew Mother’s Choice needed a volunteer photographer, I applied for it because helping others is good.

My most impressed service experience at Mother’s Choice?
I was most impressed that my four-year-old daughter was influenced by my volunteer work. Last year I took photos for their Charity Challenge Homecoming Ceremony at Cyberport, welcoming back the vision-impaired ultra-runner, Gary Leung, who did a Beijing to HK 35-day fundraising run for Mother’s Choice. After four hours of work, my daughter asked me, “Daddy, why did you bear the heat of the sun to take photos? Why did you help them without getting paid?” I took this golden opportunity to share with her about volunteering. One day, her teacher asked her about my job. She said, a volunteer photographer! I am surprised that my small efforts which didn’t seem a big thing to me ended up with an unexpected great reward!

My hope for Mother’s Choice?
In the past year, I met enthusiastic staff and volunteers who have served behind the scenes for more than ten years. I feel the warmth of human touch which is very important and worthwhile to be cherished. I hope the genuineness and authenticity, understanding beyond words as that in a family may be experienced, embraced, and endured by each staff member, which makes a perfect team collaborate seamlessly and achieve great things.

♥️Shreya Sekhri – comprehensive sexuality educator

How I get to know Mother’s Choice…..
In the past 14 years that I lived in Hong Kong, I heard a lot about MC and read many articles about the donation drives. Last year I got some time for volunteering. MC was the first charity that came to my mind. I wanted to give back to society and to HK which has been our home for so many years. MC offers the opportunity to serve the community and not just give monetary contributions.

My most impressed service EXPERIENCE at Mother’s Choice…..
I was really impressed by the dedicated staff when I first met them. The volunteering program is easy to follow and I was amazed at all the well thought out processes in place. I started volunteering with MC in the finance team. I was later invited by the Volunteer Engagement team to be trained as a comprehensive sexuality educator. I was given very thorough training and at every step, the experienced staff put in a lot of time and effort in preparing me for the role. All in all, I was very impressed to see a charity organization with such a well-structured volunteering program. The comprehensive sexuality education (“CSE”) sessions have been enlightening and eye-opening experiences, especially my interaction with the teenagers of my ethnic background. Initially, I saw many girls who were extremely shy during the classroom sessions. Gradually they could relate to me and it made me feel very happy to see that they were paying attention even when we were teaching topics that were taboo in their cultures. It was very satisfying when the students thanked me after the session and inquired when I would come back to teach them again.

My HOPE for Mother’s Choice…..
Very often the students I have met don’t have the right information. Teenagers can feel a bit lost in this very important phase in their life. Our course materials are well researched and we have very experienced educators with excellent presentation methods. I hope Youth Services will grow bigger and stronger with more money and support from the funders and government. I hope CSE will become a regular course in all schools so that we can reach out and guide the youth at a vulnerable phase of their life. I also hope I can help to spread the word and more of my friends would join the next volunteer recruitment drive.

♥️Elaine Pang – Child Care Home volunteer coordinator

How I get to KNOW Mother’s Choice…..
I am a pediatric nurse and I always like children. I have much admiration for people who could make sacrifices to give back to society. After surviving from a very serious illness from which I almost died, I told myself that I would give back to society when my two sons graduated from university. Mother’s Choice came very naturally to me as the charity that I want to serve. It is in my neighborhood and I learnt that they always put the interests of the children first in what they do, which accords with my value.

My most impressed service EXPERIENCE at Mother’s Choice…..
In 2006, I started volunteering in Wee Care at Child Care Home taking care of children with special needs. A 1-year-old boy with a severe infectious skin disease came into Wee Care, but he was so tiny that he looked more like 6 months old. He was so weak that he did not even have the strength to cry nor show his emotions. With my nursing background, I was asked to spend more time with him every time I was volunteering. In a few months, I saw him putting on weight and starting to smile. He suddenly gave me a big hug and a cheek to cheek kiss! I did not expect him to be able to show his affection at all in such a short period of time. I was so surprised and happy that I burst out crying with happiness. The hug and kiss gave me enormous satisfaction from volunteering in MC. It was the best reward that I received. I have also had the privilege to become the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure a stable roster of volunteers at all times. I am always touched by so many dedicated volunteers who commit their time weekly, who put children’s interests first, who came during a typhoon or heavy rains, who walked up hundreds of steps from Admiralty to the Child Care Home during the period of social unrest. They are giving me strength!

My HOPE for Mother’s Choice…..
In all my years of volunteering at Wee Care, I strongly believe that every child knew they were abandoned, they have a strong urge to have their own family, and they want a mother and father. Every time when an adoptive parent picked up the child, the other children also wanted to be picked up and even called them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. I wish the adoption process can be faster so that more children can be adopted sooner. The shorter the stay, the sooner they have a sense of family belonging.

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