Name: Lea Wong
Job Title: Assistant Director of Children’s Services
Years Working at Mother’s Choice: 7


(1) WHY did you first decide go into social work?

When I was around 5 years old something bad happened to my dad. I remember my mom was crying all the time, trying to seek help but no one offered any assistance. I had strong feelings of shame, injustice and unfairness throughout that period of time and wished there was someone who could be a voice for me and my family. This experience as a young child shaped me and set the path to want to fight for justice to ensure people are treated fairly and not made to feel inferior.
Then I discovered there was a career called Social Work that is grounded in pursuing social justice for those most in need. Social workers have a unique and privileged opportunity to help others reach their full potential. A good social worker can help a child’s voice to be heard, even if the child is too young to speak for himself.
This is why I became a social worker in 2001 and still believe in changing the world one step at a time.


(2) WHY did you decide to work for Mother’s Choice?

I was invited to be a guest speaker at Mother’s Choice when I was working in my previous position. Even though I was just a visitor, I felt very welcomed and valued and was immediately drawn by the kindness. After that encounter, I was determined to work at Mother’s Choice because I felt the organization shared my values of advocating for children. I first applied for a job in their Pregnant Girls Service, but wasn’t offered the position. However, Mother’s Choice let me know that there was an opening in the Foster Care Services team which they thought would be a stronger fit. That was back in 2012 and I am so grateful to be working at Mother’s Choice.


(3) WHAT are the things you love best about working at Mother’s Choice?

I love my work, but it doesn’t mean I do not face any challenges. Mother’s Choice gives me a platform to grow and strive to become a better social worker so that I can continue to pursue my dream to fight for justice for those who don’t have a voice. The thing I love best about Mother’s Choice is that I am constantly finding new reasons to rediscover the love for social work again and again.


(4) WHY should a social worker want to come and work for Mother’s Choice?

Mother’s Choice honors the story of every family, young girl and child whom we serve. The leadership team at Mother’s Choice are professional, compassionate and passionate with diverse set of skills & talent. Everyone at Mother’s Choice shares the same values and vision and believe that, together, we can make a difference for the most vulnerable in our community.

*Lea Wong is an Assistant Director at Mother’s Choice overseeing all of the case management in Children Services including hundreds of children each year at our Child Care Home and Foster Care Services. She also volunteers as a foster mom herself.*

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