NAME: Paul Lee

TITLE: Manager, IT Projects



(1) Which industry did you work in before joining Mother’s Choice?

I worked in the IT department of a media company before joining Mother’s Choice.


(2) Why did you first decide to work for Mother’s Choice?

I decided to work for Mother’s Choice because I want to work in an organization whose goal is to help people in our community, which is exactly is what Mother’s Choice does: offering support to children, youth and families in Hong Kong who are in dire need.


(3) What were some of the transitions you made from working in corporate to non-profit?

I remember the stories I heard during the newcomer orientation about clients who we had helped over the years.  I was truly overwhelmed by the importance of the work we do at Mother’s Choice.  The biggest change from working in corporate to non-profit is the mentality – the work that each individual does in a non-profit really matters and can make a big impact.


(4) What are the things you love best about working at Mother’s Choice?

I love to hear stories about how the work we do at Mother’s Choice can make a difference in people’s lives.  I also love working with the people here, both my colleagues and our volunteers, who are always helpful to each other and who show tremendous dedication to serving our clients.


(5) What is some advice you’d give to someone who is thinking of working for non-profits?

Just do it.  You’ll love it!

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