Name: Sue Ho
Title: Assistant Manager, Pregnant Girls Services
Years Working at Mother’s Choice: 4.5

Our Assistant Manager, Pregnant Girls Services, Sue, shares why she chose to be a social worker serving families in need and young girls facing crisis pregnancy.

(1) Why did you first decide to go into social work?
I encountered my first social worker in Primary 5, the same year I migrated to Hong Kong from mainland China. There were a lot of adjustments I had to make because of the move. Along with tangible assistance, she empowered me to a hopeful future. She greatly impacted my life, which planted the seed in me to pursue a degree in Social Work. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” My personal experience is living proof of the quote that motivated me to positively impact someone’s life.

(2) Why did you decide to work for Mother’s Choice?
It is my calling to work with youth and I used to volunteer at Mother’s Choice Pregnant Girls Hostel when I was studying in university. When I left Singapore to move back to Hong Kong, Mother’s Choice was recruiting for a social worker. I first joined Adoption Services, which helped me build a solid foundation in adoption procedure and assessment. This foundation is helpful when I work with girls facing crisis pregnancy, as adoption can be one of their choices in addition to self-parenting.

(3) What are the things you love best about working at Mother’s Choice?
Mother’s Choice is one of the few NGOs serving pregnant youth in Hong Kong. It is such a privilege to work with them and journey with the girls during their difficult time. After earning a masters degree in family counseling and family education, I strongly believe that the family intervention approach should be adopted when addressing pregnant youth issues. Fortunately, our organization enables me to do in-depth intervention and with coaching from my supervisor, I can better consolidate my learning and reflection from the case handling.  I also work with many passionate and dedicated colleagues here!

(4) Why should a social worker want to come and work for Mother’s Choice?
If you are passionate to serve teenagers facing crisis pregnancy and children without families and adoptive parents building families, then you should join Mother’s Choice. Mother’s Choice provides different orientations and trainings for a new joiner to gradually master their job and along the way, receive support from their supervisor and wonderful colleagues. You will never be alone!

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