As we celebrate Adoption Awareness Month this November, we are pleased to launch a comprehensive online library of resources to support our adoptive community. This library covers a broad range of experiential topics in the journey of adoption, from “talking about adoption” to “the adolescent adoptee”. We have collated honest and down-to-earth sharing from adoptees, adoptive families and professionals who have been through it and get it – as the saying goes, “you are not alone!”

For Adoption Awareness Month, we will be launching an online library of resources we have collated over the years covering a range of topics from “Talking About Adoption” to “The Adolescent Adoptee”.  

WHO  This online resource is for ALL adoptive families and adoptees. Whether you are at the very beginning of your adoption journey or long after adoption finalization.

WHAT  A collection of resources that pull from the expertise of adoptees, adoptive families and professionals. Over the years, time and time again we have pulled from these wonderful resources to share insights with our adoptive families.

WHEN  This online library will be launched in November 2020 during Adoption Awareness Month

WHERE  The online library will be accessible on the Adoption Service webpage on our Mother’s Choice website

WHY  Over the years of providing adoption services, Mother’s Choice has walked with many adoptive families. Through our experiences, we know it can get overwhelming as you prepare for adoption. All the paperwork, the assessment process, trainings to attend, may feel like an overload of information. When your child finally comes home, it may be difficult to think back and remember everything your social worker prepared you for.

This online library will make resources easily accessible for you to come back to and view, and includes topics that come up further on in the adoption journey. Adoption is a lifelong journey and we hope this can be a resource tool that can support and equip you.

HOW  All this would not be possible without the following groups. We would like to credit and express our warmest thanks to those who have provided us with many of these resources we are sharing with you.

  • Adoptees and adoptive families

Their voices and experiences are how we learn what matters, and what to do better.

  • Partner adoption agencies

Mother’s Choice partners with adoption agencies in the U.S. These adoption agencies have decades of experience, and have well-developed pre- and post-adoption services in place that strongly values the voice of adoptees. Over the years they have shared their learnings, best practices and resources with Mother’s Choice.

  • Fellow Professionals

Mother’s Choice collaborates closely with a variety of organizations across Hong Kong where we often share learnings with one another. Over the years we have collated a number of resources through these joint trainings and workshops.

  • Adoptive Families

We encourage you to subscribe to the website to access many more resources.

We hope this will help families begin reflecting on themes and issues that may generally come up in the adoption journey. Through the reading and exploring some of the experiences shared by adoptive families and adoptees, know for sure that you are not alone in this journey. Rather, be inspired and empowered!


About Mother’s Choice

Mother’s Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. We join hands with our community to give hope and change the life stories of vulnerable girls and babies. Our vision is to see every child in a loving family.  Connect with us at our website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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