Thank YOU Matthew Ginsburg

For 13 years of dedicated service on the Board of Mother’s Choice, and leading us from a small NGO to where we are today.


(1) How did you first hear about Mother’s Choice?

I first heard about Mother’s Choice when a friend invited me along to one of their early gala dinners, which is the largest fundraising event of the year. Since then, I have been to many more and it is always a personal highlight to see Mother’s Choice strongest supporters coming together, like a “family”, on this special evening.


(2) What made you decide to volunteer and serve on the Board of Mother’s Choice?

As I learned more about the work of Mother’s Choice, I was very impressed with both the vision and the mission and the generational impact that they are making to vulnerable children and girls in our city. So it was easy to say yes when I was approached to serve on the Board. It has been a real honor to have done so and to work alongside such an amazing team.


(3) What was your most memorable experience?

That’s a hard one to answer as there are so many to choose from! The wonderful Mrs. Purviz Shroff who is the Patron and her family are inspirational, as are so many of our donors, staff and volunteers. But I think my most memorable experience – as it is I suspect for many others – is when you get a chance to spend time with any of our “clients” and to see the love and the impact we are having in changing life stories.


(4) What impressed you most at Mother’s Choice?

What has impressed me most is how clients and staff Mother’s Choice persevere despite all the challenges they face. The pregnant teens who keep their lives together and go on to thrive, the staff and volunteers who selflessly help so many children and families in crisis and sad situations and so on. This is why “hope” is one of our core values. The work of Mother’s Choice is by no means easy but it is certainly worthwhile!


(5) What is your hope for Mother’s Choice?

Thrive! To be even more of an inspiration to other like-minded charities around the world by changing lives for the better, one person at a time. All communities should have a Mother’s Choice in their midst.

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