We are very proud to share the amazing work done by our Youth Leadership Council (YLC) for the Adoption Awareness Campaign (AAC). Last November, Mother’s Choice celebrated Adoption Awareness Month because we believe that every child is special and deserves to have a family defined not just by blood but love and commitment.

Students of our Youth Leadership Council come from 8 schools which includes CDNIS, DBS, GSIS, HKIS, ISF, KGV, Kellett and SIS. They took up the challenge to create a campaign to raise awareness and increase understanding of adoption within their school community. Their dedication, creativity and competence have proved vividly that everyone, regardless of age, has a role to play and can make a difference.


Creative and tech-savvy

Within two months, under their self-run charter, students coordinated and organized activities relating to adoption awareness. Their goal was to raise acceptance of adoption and support for Mother’s Choice among their schoolmates and teachers. To facilitate their understanding of adoption, a workshop was held before their campaign to introduce the concept, current situation and challenges associating with adoption in Hong Kong.

From videos, social media and online magazines to dress-up day, virtual exhibition and lunchtime movie screening – We were amazed by the wide array of creative and tech-trendy ideas they came up with.

Students from GSIS put up posters on adoption awareness around the campus. (Left and centre)
Students from Kellett School wore red, pink, purple, and orange to support Mother’s choice; and took part in a movie screening and quiz on “Adoption Statistics”. (Right)


“Change of plans” amid the pandemic situation

One challenge commonly addressed by most students was that their plans got interrupted by the pandemic. Not only do they had to change plans, but also to think of new ways of engaging their schoolmates and communicating within their charter. We believe these were all precious learning curves benefitting the personal growth of our young stars.


Reaching out and creating a stigma-free campus

Many students considered the campaign a great opportunity to bring the issue of adoption onto the table. Boys from DBS shared that the campaign helped them to reflect on stereotypes and changed some misconceptions they once had on adoption. They wished to reach out to a broader audience and call for action.

Another heartening story was that students from ISF managed to connect and interview their peers who are adoptees and a teacher who is an adoptive parent. They were surprised by how open they are in sharing such unique life stories.

“This experience was very rewarding for us, and we received an overwhelmingly positive response from the student body and the teachers. Now we are also more aware of the importance of a loving and welcoming environment on these adoptees and celebrate their unique adoption stories.” – A student from ISF.


Leadership and teamwork

The student-led nature of the campaign provided leadership opportunities for students, at the same time facilitated teamwork, built confidence and strengthened student’s all-rounded skills. Many responded that they were happy to be joint by like-minded peers at the campus to advocate for the greater good. The campaign also served as a good chance to socialize with younger year groups.

“My favourite part was going around the different year groups collecting and delivering the candy grams. As sixth form students, our chances to socialize with the younger year groups are very limited, so I really enjoyed being able to talk to them and show them what kind of councils and organizations they can join to give back to the community.” – A student member from Kellett School.


All in all, we were so impressed by the vision and energy of Mother’s Choice young force, as well as their passion to serve the community. We look forward to further campaigns launched by the YLC Charter.



Started in 2015, the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council is a youth centered advisory group designed to provide leadership development for student members as well as facilitate teamwork, build youth confidence and strengthen student skills with problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Our program emphasizes authenticity, ethics and collaborative decision-making and enhances learning outside of the classroom.

If you know of a high school interested in joining our Youth Leadership Council, please email mcvolunteer@motherschoice.org for more details.

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