I am Eddie, I am a paediatrician.  I’ve been trained as a paediatric cardiologist.  I help Mother’s Choice to take care of the children.  Mother’s Choice is not only taking care of the children but also serving moms.  They may be young moms or single moms, they also need help.  We may not just only provide medical care.  In fact, at times, they may just need someone to talk to.  Maybe we just need to visit them.


Volunteering is…

Actually I don’t think doing volunteering work is a very special thing, a big deal.  I think everyone should help others.  We just use a bit of extras that we have – extra time, or money, or our knowledge – to help those who are less fortunate.  I think this is a normal thing to do.  I think it’s just something that everybody should do.  This world will be better if everyone do this.  Actually it’s so simple.  Everyone does something you can do.  In fact, that’ll will be great!


Hopes & Dreams for Mother’s Choice

Actually if you ask me what is my dream for Mother’s Choice – my dream is we do not need to have Mother’s Choice anymore.  Because if this society develops more ideally, when everyone would help others spontaneously, basically, there is no need for such NGOs to specifically help these people.  Of course this world is not so perfect.  I think we all still need good NGOs like Mother’s Choice to help some people in need.  If talking about the future development and dream for Mother’s Choice, I hope Mother’s Choice can be in a more ideal environment, a bigger place really designed for children, or maybe even moms can live here together.   A place where they can receive care and services together, that will be best。


We may not just only provide medical care.  In fact, at times, they may just need someone to talk to.



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