At Mother’s Choice,
we believe that even the youngest in our community
can play an active role
and when young people have the chance to serve their communities,
everyone benefits!

Let’s hear from some of our Youth Leadership Council school members!


Anson, DBS Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

I hope that more people will understand the work of Mother’s Choice and see the relevance of our mission with their daily lives. Especially coz I’m from a boys’ school so a lot of people have the misconception that… you know pregnant teens have nothing to do with them. But actually everyone can take an active role to spread the word learn about child protection, the mission of Mother’s Choice and become volunteers as well.




Bridget, GSIS Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

My most memorable experience being with the YLC so far has been the adoption awareness campaign that we did in November of this year. It was really great to see such a growing interest in the cause and in your organization.


Valerie, GSIS Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

I especially love seeing their devotion dedication and passion towards the causes and this motivate me to further serve our community.




Kristy, KGV Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

I personally love that Mother’s Choice places the biggest emphasis on a family build through nurture, love and care as opposed to just being related by blood. It’s been illuminating to see loving families and they try and help to spell the myths and prejudices surrounding adoption.




Alina, HKIS Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

I first got connected with Mother’s Choice because I’m adopted from there so Mother’s Choice has always been super special to my family. So, throughout high school I found it very important to be able to reconnect and volunteer there. I was able to give a TED Talk in March 2021 speaking about my adoption and I also worked on putting together a video documentary on adoption for my high school community gathering.




Tatiana and Kleio, ISF Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

We first connected with Mother’s Choice after raising funds for them in the bake sale in 2019 and we decided to come into the charity after visiting the children in the centre. Their dedication to the children really impressed us and inspired us to bring the spirit into our work for them as well.




Indy, Kellett Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

My most memorable experience working with my YLC was definitely organising and running the adoption awareness campaign back in November. The whole of Kellett also wore the Mother’s Choice colours for the day. For most importantly I loved seeing how our whole school could just sort of come together and raise a really substantial amount of money for the Mother’s Choice organization.




Carlynda and Davina, SIS Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

I think the most memorable experience in awhile experiences was when we did a donation drive for the Child Care Home. Eventually, we had so many donations that we filled out the whole car trunk and the back seat of the volunteer’s car. and we were able to carry out a decent analysis for the #FindingFamily project. And I hope we can do this through having parents attend the seminars about possibly young mothers in the struggles they go through and be able to eliminate some of the stigmas




Started in 2015, the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council is a youth centered advisory group designed to provide leadership development for student members as well as facilitate teamwork, build youth confidence and strengthen student skills with problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

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