At Mother’s Choice,
we believe that even the youngest in our community
can play an active role
and when young people have the chance to serve their communities,
everyone benefits!

Let’s hear from our Youth Leadership Council school member!



Bridget, GSIS Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

My name is Bridget Sippel and I am a member and one of the co-leaders of the YLC chapter at German Swiss International School. I’m a year 13 student at German Swiss and my role in the YLC is alongside micro leader Valerie. We helped to organize and run meetings for our chapter and we also represent the GSIS YLC chapter, have monthly meetings with Mother’s Choice and other YLC groups.

My families have been involved in your organization for many years and I would help the gala dinner and walkathon and other fundraising events. And a few years ago, I was actually given the opportunity to become a weekly volunteer in the Child Care Home. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and just this past year I also joined the Youth Leadership Council at Mother’s Choice which has been such an amazing experience.

My most memorable experience being with the YLC so far has been the adoption awareness campaign that we did in November of this year. It was really great to see such a growing interest in the cause and in your organization. We had more students show up to our chapter meetings every week and it was really great to see such support from our student body. And personally, I also learned a lot more about adoption in Hong Kong through this campaign.

My hope for Mother’s Choice is that they continue to do the amazing work that they’re doing, supporting families and children and our local Hong Kong community and I hope that more young people and students in Hong Kong, like myself, are able to take advantage of the opportunities at Mother’s Choice and learn more about this amazing organization and the work that they do.


Valerie, GSIS Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

Hi, I’m Valerie and I’m in year 11 of German Swiss International School. I’m the co-founder and leader of the Youth Leadership Council at GSIS. Bridget and I represent the GSIS school chapter each month at monthly meetings, as well as organize group discussions and come up with action plans with the teammates to raise awareness for important social issues.

I live very close to the Child Care Home and walking pass there everyday made me feel more curious about it. After my father became a volunteer at the Child Care Home, I decided to take action myself and help the children there through being a school team.

I always enjoy listening to my team members ideas and feedback, discussing with them future plans and actions is something always very memorable and inspiring to me. I especially love seeing their devotion, dedication and passion towards the causes and this motivate me to further serve our community.

I strongly believe that each and every child deserves a loving and nurturing home, and because of this, my dream for Mother’s Choice is for a continue serving the various stakeholders in our community. I hope that your child can feel love and safe and that we can build this strong future for each and every one of them.




Started in 2015, the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council is a youth centered advisory group designed to provide leadership development for student members as well as facilitate teamwork, build youth confidence and strengthen student skills with problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

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