At Mother’s Choice,
we believe that even the youngest in our community
can play an active role
and when young people have the chance to serve their communities,
everyone benefits!

Let’s hear from our Youth Leadership Council school member!



Tatiana and Kleio, ISF Chapter, Youth Leadership Council

Hi, I’m Tatiana. And I’m Kleio. We are grade 11 students from the ISF Academy and we are the co-president of a school Youth Leadership Council.

We first connected with Mother’s Choice after raising funds for them in the bake sale in 2019 and we decided to come into the charity after visiting the children in the center.

For us, this is one of the most memorable moments in our YLC work because we were able to see the change they were making for this town. Their dedication to the children really impressed us and inspired us to bring the spirit into our work for them as well. We decided to start a YLC in our school bringing our passion and diverse people students together to give back to the community. Someone is sports players and dancers. Someone is expert in STEM and the humanities. Someone inspired by our work in Adoption Awareness Month campaign and decided to join us then.

We hope that we’ll be able to continue working with Mother’s Choice, and one day see Mother’s Choice is full of every child in a loving family fulfilled. Thank you.


Some thoughts from our YLC Members!

In the future, I want to see the YLC reach out to more people trying to expand and show that they can positively impact the lives of children and bring happiness to the world.

I joined the YLC because the adoption awareness campaign open my eyes to a lot of issues that I was not really aware of before, and I wanted to learn more and get involved.




Started in 2015, the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council is a youth centered advisory group designed to provide leadership development for student members as well as facilitate teamwork, build youth confidence and strengthen student skills with problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

If you are interested in starting up a Youth Leadership Council in your school, please email us at

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