1. Why did you decide to become a foster dad?

The reason I decided to be a foster family at the beginning was because a social worker told me that the reason why many children without families have been living in the hospital is not because he is unhealthy or sick, but because no one can take care of him. After I heard it, I felt that there must be something we can do.


2. What kept you continuing the foster care journey?

Seeing our foster children growing up healthily and happily, and then they can return to their birth family or get adopted, this kind of inner satisfaction and joy is beyond words can tell.


3. As a foster dad, what has been your experience?

In fact, the benefits are two-way. In addition to the care that the foster child received, the child is also giving fulfilment and happiness to our own family, even our parents, and even our relatives and friends.

We really treat him as our own children, so when we know that he is going to leave, we are really upset. But looking at it from another angle, knowing that he has a happy family waiting for him is actually very worthwhile.


4. As a foster dad, what has been your most memorable experience?

The most memorable moment was to see him walk for the first time, then I knew he has really grown. I think this feeling is the same whether it is a foster family or a biological family.


5. How would you describe foster care to people who do not know anything about it?

It is very rewarding to be a foster family, the love is forever.


6. Why do you think more families should get involved with foster care?

Childhood is an important foundation in life, if we can provide children with a safe and happy environment, the world will become a better place. To use our lives to change other people’s lives. Don’t think too much, apply to be a foster family now!

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