Chapter 1: Mind Change Moment

Thirty years ago, the entire adoption process took a long time, about a year. Mother’s Choice would bring back and care for the baby. So in the whole process, I witnessed from the mom’s pregnancy and the baby’s growth, to the baby’s being matched to an adoptive family. And when this adoptive family came to Mother’s Choice, I was the first person (to meet) at their first visit, I believe the baby was also the first child that Mother’s Choice cared for. When I personally hand over this baby to the adoptive parents, their eyes kept tearing, and they thanked me. The “thank you” at that moment was something I didn’t expect. In my belief, it’s actually the baby’s biological mother has no such ability, that’s why we need someone to care for this kid. For me, at the time, I felt that I should be the one to thank them for accepting this child! But when they thanked me in tears at that moment, and said: “This is a gift from God. It’s the gift that we have been waiting and expecting for a long time.” At that moment, for me, it actually changed the value of what I thought I believed in.


Chapter 2: Walk Alongside Adoption

If you ask me: Is adoption an easier choice? In fact, when we walk alongside a young girl to make a decision, it’s as if a piece of flesh were being cut from you. Because there’re many unknowns, many uncertainties. For her, I can’t guarantee whether this is really the best for her child’s future. “Will this child complain to me? Why didn’t you want me? Would I still be able to see my child again?” Walking alongside a birth mom as she goes through a difficult journey, making a decision. We see children waiting for their permanent families in a loving and caring environment. We wait until the permanent family comes along, we then make that connection. I think that it is in this adoption triangle relationship where we are that important person or role in walking alongside them.


Chapter 3: Reconnect to the First Home

In my experience, I am blessed to see children who have been adopted in the past 30 years grew up and returned to trace their roots. Mother’s Choice is their first home. Apart from the hospital, Mother’s Choice cared for them. They would return to look for those who cared for them, and thank them. They would make the connection to their history. Even until they are older or finish studying, they would choose to come back to give back to their birthplace. I was able to witness that there those who are now in their 20s or 30s returned serving as volunteers, or some would return from overseas, intentionally spent a summer to be back as a volunteer for a few weeks or came to visit us. It is a very meaningful process for Mother’s Choice.


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