This season, GIVE THE GIFT OF

For over three decades in Hong Kong, Mother’s Choice has served tens of thousands of families and we remain deeply committed to our vision of every child growing up in a safe, loving and permanent family.  We cannot achieve our vision on our own. 

Your gift as a monthly donor will ensure that Mother’s Choice can:

  • Care for hundreds of children without homes, while they wait for their forever family.
  • Find and equip families with knowledge, skills and community to care for these children.
  • Walk alongside young girls facing crisis pregnancy, because there is no such thing as a hopeless case.

We believe that our moments of greatest crisis can become a catalyst for the greatest life transformation, and that a safe, loving and permanent family is the greatest agent of change in the lives of youth and children.

Do you know?

  • A monthly gift of HKD1,000 can cover the cost of 2 hours of personalized therapy for one child. 
    Access to early intervention, especially in the first 1,000 days, is critical to helping each child reach their fullest potential.
  • A monthly gift of HKD500 can cover the cost of one day’s food for all the toddlers living in our Child Care Home.
    Our Child Care Home is one way that we provide loving, temporary care to children waiting for families.
  • A monthly gift of HKD300 protects the health of a pregnant teen and her baby with prenatal classes.
    Pregnant teens who come to Mother’s Choice have travelled a hard road and their decision to seek safe shelter and care can be life-changing for them.
  • A monthly gift of HKD188 enables one child in our Child Care Home to receive normal childhood experiences and memories.
    Children in our Child Care Home receive highly individualized care on a daily basis, including regular outings to support their social, emotional and physical health, and development.

Visit our Donate page for more details.

Merry Christmas! From our Home to yours!

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