To a very special member of our Mother’s Choice family,

This Sunday, Mother’s Choice proudly celebrates International Volunteer Day, which takes place each year on 5 December. This is a collective time for NGOs around the world to celebrate and thank those who have dedicated their precious time and efforts to voluntary service. At Mother’s Choice, we believe that when people are encouraged to get involved in solving our community problems, the solutions are more likely to be lasting and help to build a better and safer future for us all.

Even though the scale of today’s challenges — be it COVID-19 or the child protection crisis in our city or children without families or young girls in crisis — can feel overwhelming, there is hope. Hope in the form of countless acts of kindness from one person to another. Because wherever and whenever there is a crisis, the commitment of our volunteers never waver, and your compassion has no limits. We take great comfort in knowing that we do not walk alone in the challenging and complex work that we do. And often, you may not know the impact that your acts of love and service will have had.

So we have a special message from Sebastian and his mom, Michelle Han, on the impact that your commitment and love has had on their family, and for other children like him, across generations. Your love and commitment to the work of Mother’s Choice exemplifies the truest definition of family and for that, we are very grateful.

With gratitude,

Rebecca Brosnan
Deputy CEO

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