A Foster Dad

Why did I become a foster dad and participate in the service of foster families? At that time, my children had graduated from uni and started working and my wife was retired. My colleague who was already a foster parent, saw that we love children very much and have experience of teaching children, felt that we are suitable to be foster parents. So after I went back to discuss with my wife, we felt that this matter is very meaningful and started fostering.

Before becoming a foster family, I discussed and shared thoughts with my family, and the conclusion was that everyone was very supportive. We think it can help foster children grow up healthily and enjoy the warmth of family, it’s really worth doing.

When I started to be a foster family, my children were all grown-ups. They were mature in their thinking, and they treated the newly joined foster children like younger siblings. When my family and I helped took care of foster children, I felt that our relationship got closer, we’re united and shared responsibility. In turn, the foster children felt the warmth of home.


Witness The Growth

On something impressive and interesting, I think it was when my foster daughter was in primary school, she participated in the school drama competition. We were on our nerves at the time, we helped dress her up and rehearsed with her. Of course, the rehearsal was a lot of fun! Even now, I find it very interesting.

The most unforgettable memory has to be my foster daughter graduating from uni this year! I felt that she found her goal and is capable of self-independence. I am so happy for her.

I hope that foster children grow up in a healthy environment. Do not give up on themselves. Be responsible and person of purpose and fulfilment.


Father And Friend

I think foster dads have one thing in common, they love children, caring, with a sense of mission. In the course of foster children growing up, especially entering the stage of junior high. This is often a stage of puberty rebelliousness. Their behaviour is actually the same as that of my own children back then. They often get emotional, and sometimes lock themselves up in the room after school. During this period, be it being a foster dad or a dad, it’s the same. I want to play the role of facilitating, basically to step into shoes, understand their mindsets. Then you can share a conversation with them, the relationship becomes that of a friendship. At different stages, the handling methods needs to be adjusted accordingly. You can communicate with them online too. Try to understand their inner world. Feeling clueless, search the Internet to learn and update yourself.

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