I would like to thank our wonderful Committee Members. Over this last year, we have called on you for so much advice and many asks. In particular, I would like to point out to the Services, Finance and Operations Committees a huge thank you. 

Our services have been very busy this past year. Of course, our operations were greatly impacted due to the COVID pandemic. But also, we launched new services such as Safe Families. Our Service Committee provided us with great counsel on our plans and execution. They offered direct support and mentorship to our team of frontline workers. They volunteered their expertise participating in our recent Conference, connecting us with community partners, or just inviting us for a nice meal outside.

What’s also special about working at Mother’s Choice is the wonderful network of professionals as supporters in offering their time and upskill leading our teams through mentorship. This year for example, our Operations Committee organize “Lunch and Learn” workshops throughout the year on a number of different topics, including how to write a business plan, how to empower others, how to groom talents. They also offer guidance on several new HR and volunteering projects. We received really positive feedback on these opportunities and we look forward to another busy year.

Our Finance Committee have worked alongside our Finance team and Leadership team to ensure the organization remains operating with the financial resources as it needs to provide greatly needed programs and services in the community in a very challenging fundraising environment. We are so grateful for their governance and their proactiveness in leading many tough and complex reflections on how to best allocate and invest our resources, especially how to be nimble and adaptable more specifically in these current market conditions.

So, thank you, Committee Members, for walking alongside us and giving us your time, your expertise and enabling us to continually grow and learn. We are so thankful for our partnership with you!

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