This April for Volunteer Appreciation Month. I would like to celebrate and thank two very special groups of people. The first is the Marketing and Communications Committee, a group of volunteers who are experts in the fields of communication, branding, advertising, digital, marketing and events. In this particular season of Mother’s Choice, it’s so critical that we build up our capacity in this area if we’re able to communicate and convey the impact of our work here in our city and to inspire our community to join hands with us. We’re especially grateful for your support in our recent fruits of this committee in the development of our strategic narrative, in creating our first-ever Foster Care recruitment campaign and more recently the development of our Girls Outreach strategy. Thank you for helping us to use the power of marketing communications to change life stories.

The second group is the Gala Committee. This is a dedicated group of volunteers who serve 9 months of the year to help us plan and bring to life the creative execution and production of our most important fundraising event of the year – our Gala Dinner. Thank you for walking alongside us for your creative ideas and energy and your networks and connections. Thanks to that, we’re able to deliver an amazing event each year that keeps our production costs in low single digits, which means that more funds raised is going directly to our programs and services. And each year, we always have such big ambitions and goals to reach and it always seems impossible, but thanks to your belief in us and belief in the work of Mother’s Choice, we hit it out of the park each and every single year. Thank you so much!

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