Hello to all our volunteers! We could not see each other during this pandemic season. We really miss you so much, but we are still able to feel your warmth because you have us on your mind. You bought a lot of food to us, made a big meal for us. And some even bought fruits especially for us. We have been so grateful during this period that you really keep us in mind. We really appreciate your kindness and warmth towards us. Thank you all!

Although you could not come due to the pandemic, I’d love to tell you that you are very important to our children. When they are little, from newborn to age one to two, begin to walk, to an older age, when they begin school and grow up, until they are four to six years old. In this whole journey, volunteers are actually very crucial to their development. They can feel what love is. Your love and care, your chat and communication with them, help them socialize, teach them how to play and work together. The help of volunteers here is essential to their development. Therefore, we wish that this pandemic can get over soon, so that you could come back to take care of our children and continue to work with us to make a better life for themLook forward to the day and wish you all good health. Let’s take care of the children together soon!

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