Hi everyone, this is Kevin from Mother’s Choice Youth Services. In the work of our department, we need volunteers in many areas, including educators to conduct Comprehensive Sexuality Education workshops at schools. Also, we have different programs supporting pregnant girls that require voluntary tutors and assistants. And we will soon have a group of volunteers to answer Hotline for Pregnant Girls Services. Here I’d like to thank a group of Comprehensive Sexuality Education volunteers. Because this group of volunteers, in the past two years, due to the pandemic as far as our programs are concerned, there have been many adjustments in the format and content, but these volunteers worked tirelessly, enthusiastically and patiently to accommodate to these changes. I’d like to thank them for their flexibility and enthusiasm in serving the youth in our community.

In the following days, we’ll start recruiting volunteers answering Hotline for Pregnant Girls Services. If you’d like to do your bit for these vulnerable girls, if you’d love to help them more, we wish that you can sign up for this volunteering program to serve more. Let’s join hands together to change life stories!

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