“Equipping Pregnant Girls to Thrive: Understanding the Principles of Trauma Informed Care” online workshop was successfully held on last Thursday! Thank you all for your active participation and questions!

This online workshop is facilitated by Professor Hung Suet Lin Shirley, Head & Professor and Director of the Social Work Practice and Mental Health Centre of Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University. Today, there are an estimated 5,400 crisis pregnancies each year in Hong Kong. Emerging data indicates that there is strong association between childhood trauma and teenage pregnancy. A traumatic experience often results in violation of one’s sense of safety, which includes physical, emotional, psychological and relational safety. When we approach vulnerable pregnant girls to embrace them into relationship, it is important that we know how to assist the girls to re-establish a sense of safety and to support them to understand and express their feelings and memories related to trauma. In this interactive workshop, Professor Hung guided us through understanding the principles of trauma-informed care, learning trauma-informed care skills, and how to prevent re-traumatization.

We are so happy to learn and exchange opinions with more than 180 professionals in related fields through Zoom. We look forward to meeting you all in the next workshop!

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