We are excited to share about our Pregnant Girls Services Hotline Campaign on the MTR aimed at reaching more of the girls in crisis who need us. Starting Friday, Sept 16th, and for the next two weeks, we will have 300 trackside ad panels across the entire MTR network.

Here are Five Facts to Know about our Pregnant Girls Services:

(1) Our name “Mother’s Choice” came about because the founders did not want young girls to feel forced into having late-term abortions. They wanted pregnant teenagers to know that they have a choice, whether it’s to become a parent, place their child for adoption, or to terminate their pregnancy.

(2) Our heart is that Mother’s Choice will be a safe place for young girls to have authentic conversations about their crisis pregnancies, that they would feel loved and supported, and that they would truly understand the depth and meaning of each of their options so that they can make an informed choice. Whether they choose termination, parenting, or adoption, we believe it is important that no one should feel forced into her decision. Our heart is for each young girl who comes to us to have had the opportunity to reflect on each of the options available to her, and that she can make a decision fully informed of both the consequences and support available to her.

(3) Our Youth Services and programs are based on three pillars:
Embrace: we welcome vulnerable girls in their darkest moments into relationship with trusted and caring adults
Equip: we provide girls with accurate information about their choices, and equip them with life skills.
Empower: we help build community connections for pregnant girls so that they are empowered for a hopeful future.

(4) Each year, there are ~5,400 young girls who face a crisis pregnancy in Hong Kong. Many of them have experienced childhood trauma, mental health issues, family dysfunction and breakdown, as well as intergenerational teenage pregnancy. We receive calls from ~800 girls each year, provide program support to more than 150 girls per year, and educate more than 4,600 parents, students and teachers per year.

(5) Even though Mother’s Choice receives ~800 enquiries via our hotline/WhatsApp each year, we believe there is still a large underserved population that needs our support but do not come to us for help because of trauma-related emotional barriers and misinformation. We also want to reach these girls earlier. When we can engage them earlier, these girls have sufficient time to receive proper prenatal care, comprehensive counselling, and be equipped to own their decisions with Mother’s Choice’s support. That’s why it’s important for girls to know that they DO have a choice, and that we will walk alongside them as they make the decision that is most suited for them.

We are grateful to our community partners – the MTR, JCDecaux and Asiaray – for providing this platform pro-bono to give voice & visibility to this Campaign. There are five different creatives to reach the girls, their friends and also their parents, so please do keep an eye out for this Campaign!

(Girl | Glittering Rain: Sadness) “I am pregnant. What do I do?”

(Girl | Dark Red Clouds: Confusion) “I am pregnant. What do I do?”

(Girl | Lightning Sky: Shocking) “I am pregnant. What do I do?”

(Peers | Chill Time: Friends Chat) “My friend is pregnant, what can I/she/he do?”

(Parents | Family Time: Teddy alone in daughter’s room) “My daughter is pregnant! What do I do?”

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