We launched our Safe Families Service in 2021 as a response to Hong Kong’s child protection crisis, with the mission to support new parents on their parenting journey. At Mother’s Choice we often say “it takes a village to raise a child”. But new parents who choose to bravely raise their children often lack the support to build their village. We wanted to help these families by surrounding them with a caring and compassionate community that recognizes their needs and supports them. This way we can prevent putting the child at risk of abuse or neglect, eventually leading to separation and being placed in the residential care system.

Suzanne is one of our many volunteers who recognizes the problem. She has seen the children’s pain and suffering within the foster care system, going from one family to another only to experience repeated separations. She believes that the best option for the child is to grow up in their birth family, driving her to be of a helping hand to keep families safe.

Until now, we have connected 31 new parents and their babies with friends in the community. We are so excited to be part of a growing community of champions who are acting on love, showing unconditional kindness, friendship, and hospitality. Hear from Suzanne to witness the power and impact of her new found friendship:

Will you join hands with Mother’s Choice to walk alongside a young new parent and her child on their journey?

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