“The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.”  – Phil Jackson

This month, mcConnect is focused on some of the dedicated people who work in each of our Services.  At Mother’s Choice, we are not afraid to invest in our organizational capacity.  Despite the pressure and expectation to keep administrative costs low, we believe that when we invest in building up the capacity of our people, our systems, and our infrastructure, we are better able to create real sustainable impact.  We are proud of the amazing people who make up our team!

Children Services

Meet Lea Wong, Assistant Director of Children’s Services, Case Management 

“The thing I love best about Mother’s Choice is that I am constantly finding new reasons to rediscover the love for social work again and again.”  Click for more.

Meet Charmaine Tidmarsh, Assistant Director of Children’s Services, Child Development 

“When a child exhibits disruptive behavior, our first thought is not “how do we fix this?”, but rather “what is the behavior telling me?”. Only by viewing children through this lens can we help them to reach their full potential.”  Click for more.

Youth Services

Meet Clare Pun, Manager, Pregnant Girls Services 

“I find it a privilege to work with pregnant youth.  Working with them is like simultaneously dealing with two lives – the life of the young girl and her child, which enables me to form deep connections on many levels.” Click for more.

Family Services

Meet Chrissy Wong, Assistant Director, Family Services 

“My heart lies in work with children and families to hopefully change the trajectory of a child’s life at an early stage.  It’s a job that rips your heart and soul to shreds, but it is also a job that shows you the strength and beauty of what humans can do and become in the face of adversity.”  Click for more.

Community Services

Meet Monique Yeung, Advisor, Community Education 

“I think our beliefs and values make Mother’s Choice unique not only in Hong Kong, but also internationally. We believe that every child belongs in a permanent and loving family. We believe in the need to constantly challenge ourselves to think outside of the box.”  Click for more.

Upcoming Events

Get To Know Mother’s Choice – Learn more about Mother’s Choice or how to become a volunteer on our team by joining the next Get To Know Mother’s Choice Info Session via Zoom:
English:  Mar 4, 2021 (Thu) 10.00am-11.00am.
Chinese:  Mar 2, 2021 (Tue) 7.00pm-8.00pm.
Sign up at here.

Hearty Meals – If you love to cook, we are looking for volunteers to prepare and deliver meals on Sundays and Public Holidays to our devoted frontline essential workers at our Child Care Home. Please sign up here to support!

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