A huge thanks to Campaign for inviting our CEO Alia Eyres to be a speaker in their Leading Change virtual event!

In “Breaking through adversity” session, Alia shared her journey on how she overcame hurdles in her personal and professional life, using fortitude to become a successful leader.

In “Beyond CSR: authenticity without tokenism” session, we discussed how organisations can partner with charities in a way that is authentic rather than tokenistic. Alia and representative from UN Women advised how to set up a CSR initiative to provide sustained value, rather than approaching it as a one-off, tick-box exercise.

“One way that corporates can really make a big difference is when they think about what they are really good at, and find a way to use that to strengthen the capacity of a non-profit. Non-profits really struggle because there is a huge reluctance to spend money or put manpower behind anything that could be considered an administrative expense. The challenge with that is charities are often forced to be so lean that their infrastructure really doesn’t support the kind of impact that they want to have and their systems, processes are not very efficient or even effective. Just like a for-profit business needs to invest in building up their organisational capacity, so do non-profits. Oftentimes when a for-profit company comes along and brings that capacity-building to the charity, it makes all the difference. I am thinking about areas such as IT and technology, HR and training, systems design and management consulting, and any areas of specific expertise—including and especially marketing and communications.” —Alia Eyres, CEO, Mother’s Choice

Read more at: Highlights from Campaign Leading Change

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